In 2006 a local police department developed an Excel-based log for tracking accountability and performance.  In 2009 the department realized that the call information gathered was not easily retrievable; therefore, the existing system was insufficient to meet the department’s needs. Having been a volunteer with the department since 1997 and having software and database development experience, I was asked if I could help.   Based on the background information, I proposed a client server application to run on their intranet.  I then developed a prototype, and ThePoliceLog application and database (known as “Logger”) soon replaced their existing logging system. 


Goals of ThePoliceLog:

         To allow officers to record their activities and synopses.

         To allow officers and supervisors to easily review activities.

         To reduce the amount of manual data entry required of officers.

         To be able to quickly review recent officer synopses at roll call.

         To be able to search the database to gather more intelligence and use in other cases.



ThePoliceLog is developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008. A Microsoft Access database is also included that you can customize by creating your own queries and reports to run against the SQL Database.



The core functionality of ThePoliceLog remains the same but has evolved with many additional features and enhancements. Having proved its value over the years, ThePoliceLog will soon be made available for other police departments to purchase.



To learn more about how the ThePoliceLog can benefit your police department please e-mail